Why wooden watches?
Why wooden watches?

Why wooden watches?

Beginning of the 60s. Father and two brothers build a full-size wooden plane. The plane has no engine. It will never fly to the sky. But it's not a problem. A moment later, a plywood canoe is made. Never launched. But do not think that nothing ever works out in our family. Oh don’t...

My family has two features that make it stand out: creativity and perseverance. In the 1980s, Dad was building houses in Bulgaria. They also were not launched, nor did they rise to the sky. But in this case it's good. Let's do what we're strong in – one would say. What else doesn’t fly and doesn’t swim? Paintings and sculptures. In the years 84-86, Father exhibited his oil paintings in an art gallery in Czechoslovakia. Later there appeared sculptures in the roots and bark, wooden kitchen furniture, wooden toys, clocks and everything else. Sounds unbelievable? And yet it’s real!


The start of Dobrowolscy’s Manufactory!

I do not have such talent as my Dad. But I have something else - him, with his knowledge and experience, as well as his stubbornness, his creativity and perseverance, which I inherited. Therefore, with the support of my father, I decided to do what I felt strong in –joining elements together. I came up with the idea that we will produce wooden wristwatches and created the first projects that are the visualization of my ideas. Dad told me how to make them solid and durable, showed how to work with wood and helped to organize the production.

My invaluable wife Kasia joined the crew, with her faith in the success of the project and more than twelve years of work experience in corporations. Someone must keep both feet on the ground and hold back some crazy ideas.

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